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Swing Sequence: Rickie Fowler

May 2010

View his swing in full-motion: Upline | Face-on

Swing Sequence: Rickie Fowler


If you asked me to discuss the mechanics of my swing, I'm afraid it would be a short conversation. I'm a feel player. My main focus is on making solid contact. I know my swing and my tendencies, and if I get into a spell of hitting the ball a little thin with my driver, or off the toe, or with the clubface a shade open or closed, I can make a small adjustment or two to get back on track. I make the corrections by instinct. Learn to recognize the feel of different off-center hits and an open or closed face at impact. They'll give you clues about your swing and help you start fixing mistakes on your own. It's a fun way to play and improve. -- Rickie Fowler -------------------

AGE: 21 | HEIGHT: 5-feet-9 | DRIVER: Titleist 909 D2, 7.5 deg. | BALL: Titleist Pro V1x | DRIVING DISTANCE (RANK): 290.0 yards (21st) | CLUBHEAD SPEED (RANK): 115.5 mph (33rd)

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