Swing Sequence: Tim Clark

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January 2010
Swing Sequence: Tim Clark


This might sound strange--coming in a magazine filled with golf instruction--but I don't think about swing mechanics at all. I don't have a regular teacher, and I've never seen my swing broken down the way it is on the following pages. To be honest, it's not something I think about. When I get to a tournament and head out to the range, I'm concentrating on one thing: hitting the ball in the middle of the clubface. If I struggle with my swing, I don't hit more balls. I stop, go back to my room and just do something else. I come back the next day, make sure my setup is square, and try again. That's as technical as I get.
--Tim Clark
AGE: 34 | HEIGHT: 5-feet-7
DRIVER: TaylorMade r7 Limited, 9.5 degrees | BALL: Srixon Z-Star | DRIVING DISTANCE (RANK): 280.1 yards (157th) | DRIVING ACCURACY (RANK): 74.06% fairways hit (2nd)
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