Swing sequence: Stewart Cink

February 2009
Stewart Cink

Photo: Charles LaBerge

Golf Instruction / Swing Sequence


AGE: 35 | HEIGHT: 6-feet-4 | DRIVER: Nike SQ Sumo2 Tour,9.5 degrees (bent to almost 11), 45-inch shaft | BALL: Nike One Tour | 2008 DRIVING DISTANCE: 296.9 yards (ranked 28th) | TOP-THREE FINISHES IN '08: 5

I'm not the straightest driver out here. Hitting 14 fairways in a round is like a pie-in-the-sky dream for me. But I have picked up quite a bit of distance. My swing is more efficient than it was a few years ago, thanks to my work with Butch Harmon and my trainer, Chris Noss. I'm delivering a ton of energy to the ball, and I'm still getting longer every year. At the Ryder Cup, I was out there in the 325-yard range. It's changed the style of my game, really. I'm able to use my driver as a weapon now.
--Stewart Cink

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