Swing sequence: Anthony Kim

December 2008
Anthony Kim
Golf Instruction / Swing Sequence


AGE: 23 | HEIGHT: 5-feet-10 | DRIVER: Nike SQ Sumo 5000 | BALL: Nike One Platinum | 2008 DRIVING DISTANCE: 300.9 Yards (ranked 9th) | 2008 SCORING AVERAGE: 69.52 (ranked 3rd)

It's a long season, and you have to be prepared for the highs and lows. But this year was better than I could have hoped for. My win at the Wachovia Championship and my experience on the Ryder Cup team were two things I'll never forget. I really think my driving has helped me a lot this year. There were times when I struggled with it, like after playing those windy rounds at the British Open. But overall, I had a lot more confidence in my tee shots. When I'm hitting it well, the ball usually goes dead straight, but my go-to shot would be a power fade, where I aim down the left side of the fairway and fade it back to the middle. I used that shot a lot, and it really paid off. It's nice to play that way.
-- Anthony Kim
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