Swing Sequence: Justin Leonard

October 2008

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Justin Leonard
Golf Instruction / Swing Sequence

AGE: 36 / HEIGHT: 5-feet-9
BALL: Nike One Platinum
DRIVING DISTANCE (RANK): 278.3 yards (163)
DRIVING ACCURACY (RANK): 67.55 percent (40)

Everybody wants to hit the ball longer -- it's no different for me than it is for a 15-handicapper. But I learned the hard way that you struggle when you lose the feel of solid contact, no matter what the driving-distance stats say. After a run of missed cuts to start the 2007 season, I changed my grip and my setup with the help of my teacher, Randy Smith, and I started hitting the ball solid again. Once I was in control of my distance and trajectory, I could shape shots off the tee and into greens, like I always have. It's been the difference between hanging on to make cuts and playing late on Sunday with a chance to win.

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