Swing Sequence: Lorena Ochoa

August 2008

View her swing in motion: Target-line
Previous swing sequence (2004): Target-line | Face-on



All the power in my golf swing comes from my hips and legs. I do a lot of running and leg workouts, and that gives me a big advantage. My lower body is pretty fast. As long as I get the sequence right from the top, letting my legs and hips get a head start on the downswing, I can keep all the energy I have in my upper body and release it at the ball. You don't have to be big or swing crazy fast to hit it long. You just need to make a good turn going back, and let your lower body lead coming down, your legs and hips pulling everything through.

AGE: 26 / HEIGHT: 5-feet-6; WEIGHT: 127 pounds / DRIVER: Ping Rapture, 7.5 degrees / BALL: Callaway Tour i / 2008 DRIVING DISTANCE (RANK): 270.8 yards (1st) / 2008 GREENS IN REGULATION (RANK): 78.2 percent (1st)

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