Swing Sequence: Vijay Singh

June 2007

View his swing in motion: Downline

Age: 44
Height: 6-feet-3
Driver: Cleveland HiBore XL, 9.5 degrees
Ball: Titleist Pro V1x
Average driving distance: 286.7 yards
Longest drive this year: 408 yards

When I need a big drive, I focus on making a complete turn going back. That's how you store power. Think of it like shooting an arrow: The farther back you pull the string, the more energy you have to release the arrow.

My other key is rhythm. I try to make a slow turn to the top. Many golfers lose their rhythm when they go after it. A slower turn produces a longer turn, which means more power. Remember, your swing doesn't change much from day to day, but your timing does. Groove good rhythm in your warm-up, then stick to it on the course.

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