Swing Sequence: Trevor Immelman

July 2008

View his swing in motion: Target-line

Golf Instruction / Swing Sequence


Good golf is about maintenance. You have to develop ways to feel the right positions and monitor them. Two examples in my game are grip pressure and ball position. These might sound boring, but for me they're absolutely crucial to playing well.

First, I set a medium grip pressure at address and try to keep it constant during the swing. I want to make sure I don't grab the grip midswing to manipulate the club in some way.

Second, I keep a close eye on ball position. For iron shots, like I'm hitting on the next page, I want the ball off the back edge of the emblem on my shirt; for the driver, off the front edge.

If I get these two things right, I have a head start on controlling ball flight. And that's what it's all about.

AGE: 28 / HEIGHT: 5-feet-10 / DRIVER: Nike SQ Sumo 5000 / 5-IRON: Nike CCI forged / BALL: Nike One Platinum / DRIVING DISTANCE (RANK): 289 yards (T49) / GREENS IN REGULATION (RANK): 66% (42)

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