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Swing sequence: K.J. Choi

June 2008

See how his swing looked in '04: Upline | Target-line

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It seems as if every golf course we play on tour is getting longer and longer. Given this trend, if you can't hit it 300 yards when you need to, you can't put yourself in a position to win. So I've been concentrating on increasing my driving distance and making my body a little more flexible so it can adapt.

Since I started working with Steve Bann (who also teaches Stuart Appleby) in 2006, my main focus has been my address. With the correct setup, my power at impact increases. My ball flight--now a fade--is more consistent.

I'm pretty much driving it as well as I was last year when I won twice. In fact, I'm hitting the ball more accurately and maintaining my distance.→

AGE: 38 / HEIGHT: 5-feet-8 / DRIVER: Nike SQ sumo2 5900 / BALL: Nike One Platinum / DRIVING DISTANCE (RANK): 286.7 yards (58th) / GREENS IN REGULATION (RANK): 72.73 (2nd)

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