Swing Sequence: Boo Weekley

May 2008
Boo Weekley


I've always hit the ball pretty solid, but last year I started pulling it a lot -- with all my clubs, from wedge to driver. It's because my stance was getting more and more open, and I was swinging too much around my body and not down the line. It might be because of this gut I've got these days.

I'm basically starting over with my stance, moving my left foot to parallel with the target line. I'm trying to get my head more forward at impact and feel as if my swing slides right down the target line.

I don't like going up there to hit it thinking about a lot of different mechanical things. I'll know I've got myself fixed up when I can look at where I want it to go and make solid contact. It ought to be simple. You just have to get out of your own way. →

Age: 34 / Height: 6-feet / Driver: Cleveland HiBore XL / Ball: Titleist pro v1x / 2008 Driving Distance (Rank): 289.8 yards (T39) / 2008 Total Driving Rank: 4

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