Swing Sequence

Fred Couples: Smash The Ball

April 2008


By Fred Couples

Driving it a long way has always come naturally to me, but now I'm hitting it straighter than ever. Some of that's the new equipment, but I've improved my mechanics with Butch Harmon. My swing is less dependent on timing these days, and that's made the driver probably my best club.

I'm also more comfortable hitting the driver at different speeds. I might bomb it on a par 5, but on a tight par 4, I'll smooth one out there at 80 percent. One thought that has helped me with the driver is, Smash it. I don't mean swing hard; I try to compress the ball with a dead-solid hit. That image works at any speed. →

Age: 48 / Height: 5-feet-11 / Driver: Bridgestone J33R, 9.5 degrees / Ball: Bridgestone Tour B330 / 2008 Driving Distance (Rank): 300.5 Yards (17) / Clubhead Speed (Rank): 118 MPH (19)

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