Swing Sequence: Steve Flesch

March 2008

View his swing in motion: Face-on | Target-line


Being a smaller guy, the only way I can generate clubhead speed is to fire my hips. I'm not going to overpower anything, so to gain distance I have to create torque between my lower and upper body by firing my hips through impact.

Unfortunately, because I have quick hips, if I can't keep the club in front of my body, it gets stuck behind me, and I block shots left of the target.

But I've been working hard on fixing that -- I realized that my 80-percent swing hits the ball just as far as when I go all out. The reason I won twice in 2007 is because I put the ball in play. I was catching it in the middle of clubface to set up the strongest part of my game -- my iron play. I want a ball flight that looks like it might want to draw but stays straight. When I hit it like that, I know I can win.

Age: 40 | Height/Weight: 5-Feet-11/165 Pounds | Driver: Cleveland Launcher Comp | Ball: Srixon Z-URC | 2007 Driving Distance (Rank): 287.5 Yards (107th) | '07 Tour Wins: 2

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