The Ultimate Putting Guide

The Best On Tour Today -- And Ever

October 2010

We asked more than 100 players on the PGA, LPGA and Champions Tours to name the best putters among them and the best overall since 1950 (five for each). They asked back, Do you mean who putts the best day in and day out? and Is it the most clutch putter? and The one who never three-putts? The answer is all of the above. The player who cleans up five-footers on Sunday has to get a nod, as should the most consistent putter over the full season. Here's who the players picked. (Percentages show portion of respondents who voted for player listed. For college, a panel of coaches was surveyed.)

The best on tour today

The best on tour today
Photos: Woods: Dom Furore; Kerr: Darren Carroll/Getty Images; Roberts: Harry How/Getty Images; Wong: Courtesy Of The University Of Oregon; Song: David Cannon/Getty Images; Tiger Sequence: J.D. Cuban, Dom Furore

Research compiled by: Ryan Herrington, Ron Kaspriske, Ashley Mayo, Jeff Patterson, Mark Soltau, Katie Stafford and Stina Sternberg
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