Why You Can't Putt

With our blockbuster package, get ready to make some putts

Arnold Palmer used to take putting advice from only one person, a virtuoso putter and fellow player named George Low. "He'd watch me putt for hours, and every once in a while he'd come over and say ... — Arnie leans in to reveal the great secret — "'Man, you're a great putter.' "

It's our goal, in this special report on the art and science of putting, to have people saying that about you. For most golfers, putting is an afterthought. "Let me just roll a few on the practice green before we go" is the common refrain. But think about it: Putting is nearly half the game. If you want to play better, there's no getting around it: You must become a better putter.

We talked to dozens of teachers, leading players and scientists to produce this issue, the most ambitious and far-reaching collection of putting advice we've ever published.

So forget for a moment that you can't shake in a two-footer without having to push away horrible thoughts of incompetence (note the stats on right). Here we pledge three things:
(1) To unveil the basic, non-mysterious reasons why your putting isn't so good, (2) that facing them will be easier than you think, and (3) man, you're going to like making more putts.

Lesson Tees

Golf instruction: 4 Things You Should Do, But Don't
Cover Story

4 Things You Should Do, But Don't

The key points of a no-nonsense philosophy that has made Dave Stockton, the guy who tells Phil Mickelson what to do, the hottest putting teacher in the game today.
Golf instruction: How To Train Your Brain
New Research

How To Train Your Brain

New research shows that good thinking could beat out a good stroke. We present the actual, quantifiable benefits of positive thinking from Debbie Crews, Ph.D., head of the World Scientific Congress of Golf.
Golf instruction: How To Roll Every Putt On Line
How to

Roll Every Putt On Line

The way we've all been taught to play breaking putts will never work for most of us. Find the high point of the break, and then picture a straight putt to that spot. That advice, according to testing 700 pros and amateurs, works for only 35 percent of golfers. Here's a new method for that most challenging of putts: the big breaker.
How To Get Your Ball To Listen

How To Get Your Ball To Listen

The golf ball needs to understand that there are several others just like it in your bag, and none of them has a shelf life, nor deserves one.
Why Your Putter Hates You
Golf Equipment

Why Your Putter Hates You

We've got suggestions for your equipment, advice from the best putters in the game today, and some observations on the agony of poor putting from golf's best writers.
The Best On Tour Today -- And Ever

The Best On Tour Today -- And Ever

We asked more than 100 players on the PGA, LPGA and Champions Tours to name the best putters among them and the best overall since 1950. Here's who the players picked.
Why Women Putt Worse Than Men

Why Women Putt Worse Than Men

Strength differences between men and women are a matter of biology, but it turns out that one of the main reason female players haven't challenged the men has nothing to do with muscle. The experts debate the stats, the empirical evidence and the future.
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