Junior Golf Guide

From first swings to a college scholarship to tips from top Golf Digest teaching professionals, our Junior Golf section is dedicated to getting youngsters excited about the game of golf

Junior Golfers
Junior Golfers: Basics Of Junior Golf
Want to get your kids into golf but not sure how to start? From first swings to a college scholarship with tips from top Golf Digest teaching professionals, our Basics section is dedicated to junior golf.
10 Best Golf Tips For Kids
Are your kids thinking of taking up the game? Use this collection of advice from Golf Digest teaching professionals to help get them started the right way.
John Elliott Jr., the director of golf instruction at Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club in Ocala, Fla., demonstrates the difference between "a cool finish" and "a super-cool finish" to one of his students, Heather Proctor.
Junior Golfers
The secret is to make it fun: Here are six keys for unlocking the golf potential in your youngster. Keep it simple and give them plenty of positive feedback, and you might just hook your kid on golf.
Wedge Game: Video Drills
Making golf fun for juniors: These drills will help young golfers develop a versatile wedge game.
Clubfitting For Junior Golfers
Don't go too long: Two common problems juniors have are directly related to equipment. First, they're using clubs that are too long, too stiff and too heavy. The second problem is a result of the first one: With a club that is too long, a smaller player swings on an arc that is too flat relative to his height.
Five Exercises for Junior Golfers
These workouts are focused on core stability, which will help junior golfers master the "fundamental movements" necessary to make an athletic golf swing.
Movie Review: 'The Short Game'
This new golf documentary chronicles eight precocious 7 and 8-year olds as they prepared for and played in the 2012 U.S. Kids Golf World Championships in Pinehurst.
More about this documentary
Q&A with the director
What age should my kid take up golf? When's the best time to take kids to the course? Sport psychologist Dr. Bob Rotella answers questions parents have about getting their youngsters started playing golf.
2013 Junior Development Awards
Golf Digest honors five instructional programs that teach kids the skills needed to become proficient golfers.
Johnny Miller offers advice on how to get your kids excited about golf and shares his secret for getting his own kids into the game.
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