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David Leadbetter: Slice No More (Video)

If the club gets too far inside, you'll tend to loop it outside coming down. A straighter takeaway creates room to swing down from inside.
May 2013
Golf Instruction / Lesson Tee

David Leadbetter: Slice No More!

You'll stop slicing if you swing back straighter.
May 2013
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Fast Fixes For Every Fault

Beat your slice, hook, push, pull, shank, top, fat/thin, drop-kick, pop-up and toe hit.
May 2010
Golf Instruction / Best Young Teachers

Chris Como: Slug Your Slice

A great image to beat your slice. Consider boxing: You want to swing with a tight uppercut motion, not a looping hook.
March 2013
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Cover Story: When All Else Fails...

When all else fails, try these 9 tips every golfer needs--instant advice for slices, chunks, shanks and more.
October 2012
Golf Instruction / Lesson Tee

Jim Flick: Rhythm Or Tempo?

Jim Flick explains which one you should work on.
September 2012
Golf Instruction / Golf Instruction

Jim McLean: Slap Your Hand

This drill will teach you to release the club correctly.
August 2012
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Hank Haney: Check Your Left Wrist

Cupping it can lead to a slice; bowing it can cause a hook. Here's Hank Haney's advice.
June 2012
Results: 11 - 20 of 41
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