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Golf Instruction / 2013-14: America's 50 Greatest Teachers

Sean Foley: Three Steps To Better Putting

To improve your eye-hand coordination, try Sean Foley's three-step routine.
December 2013
Golf Instruction / Golf Instruction

Johnson Wagner: Make All Your 4-Footers (Video)

If you address the ball the same way every time and practice good mechanics until they become second nature, you'll soon find that no four-footer will get you shaking. Here's how Johnson Wagner improved his make percentage.
November 2013
Golf Instruction / 2013-14: America's 50 Best Teachers

Gary Gilchrist: Match Up Your Stroke Back And Through

All short-game swings, whether with a wedge or a putter, should have a symmetry to them.
November 2013
Golf Instruction / Golf Instruction

Jim McLean: Right Breaking Putts (Video)

Try this drill: Find a left-to-righter and stick a tee several feet down your line. Align your body just left of the tee and forget the hole--focus on your contact with the ball. Make sure the putter releases so the face is square through impact.
October 2013
Golf Instruction / lesson tee

Jim McLean: Left-to-right Breaking Putts

Fix these two mistakes, and start rolling them in.
October 2013
Golf Instruction

Stan Utley: Putting Drill (Video)

To feel the natural arc of an on-plane stroke, turn your putter 90 degrees and hit putts with the toe of the putter.
August 2013
Golf Instruction

Stan Utley: Chip It Close... And Make The Putt

Try my two drills for making more up-and-downs.
August 2013
Golf Instruction / Health & Fitness

Fitness: Reboot Your Swing At The Turn

A mid-round tuneup will help you finish strong.
August 2013
Results: 11 - 20 of 199

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