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Breaking 70

Play smartly aggressive

Dave Maga

Photo: Eric Rank, Illustration: Jim Luft

Eric Rank

At peak performance, you're capable of going seriously low. Proper course management, solid decision-making and a more aggressive game plan are the keys to helping you post a score in the 60s. If you play the par 3s one under and the par 5s two under, you can average even par on the par 4s and you'll break 70. Strategy is everything at this level.

The par 5s are definite scoring opportunities for you. Even the pros, however, play with controlled aggression, meaning they look to exploit green-light scenarios, play cautiously when warranted, and always try to minimize mistakes. They also play to their strengths, and so should you. For example, if you're long and fairly accurate, then most par 5s should be reachable for you. Go for it. But if wedge play is your game, then a lay-up is better than risking trouble on your second shot. And don't mindlessly go at tucked pins, ending up short-sided all day. Smart play pays off.

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July 28, 2014

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