Breaking 100

Mastering impact

July 2007

Golfers who struggle to break 100 typically focus on making contact with the ball instead of making a good swing or putting stroke. We call it being "ball bound."

For fear of embarrassment, the golfer puts all of his energy into the hit, but in most cases, it's not a very good hit. Often the swing stops just past impact. Good players know to swing through the ball as if it weren't there. Here are some drills to help make your swing better, which will improve the quality of your contact.

To understand the important role of the left hand in making quality contact, put a ball in that hand and mimic its movement during the backswing (the thumb should point straight up halfway back). Now bring the hand back down in front of your belt and "present the ball" by opening your hand. If done correctly, the ball should balance in your palm. This is the position the left hand should be in as it moves through the impact area. Try this drill while you're waiting to tee off.

Crisp contact with the putter is just as crucial as with any other club. If you're consistently coming up short, you might be striking the ball with the bottom of the putterface. To fix this, drop a coin on the green and try to slide it with your normal stroke. To have any success, the putterhead will have to move downward as it approaches the coin and bottom out at the coin's edge. This ensures centerface contact when you putt for real.

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