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Who Will Be Tiger's Next Coach?

With Sean Foley out as Tiger Woods' coach, it's not too early to look at who might be next in line for the job

August 2014
We asked a dozen top teachers who they thought Tiger Woods would pick to replace Sean Foley in the most thankless job in golf instruction. The most common response was nobody -- that Woods would work on his game himself, at least in the short term.  

Still, some people make more sense than others. We profile some of the candidates, and give our odds on how likely they are to get the call. The TW Coaching Watch is already in uncharted territory: Tiger announced he was parting ways with Foley instead of leaving everyone to figure it out on their own. Even with the announcement, Woods probably isn't going to turn into a fountain of information about what comes next. He's said he will take the next two months off, which means he won't start preparing for his next event -- his own World Challenge tournament Dec. 1 -- until late October or early November.
Hank Haney

Hank Haney (100-1)

PROS: Coach during Woods' second renaissance -- a stretch of four major victories in two seasons -- and most consistent play. Experience dealing with head cases (Woods, Charles Barkley) and world-famous athletes (Woods, Michael Phelps).
CONS: They didn't exactly end on good terms, and Haney has said it's somebody else's turn to get second-guessed.
Dom Furore
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