The Ryo Show

A simple script: Hit the ball on the green

August 2014
Ryo Ishikawa

When a golfer's approach shot misses the green on the side closest to the flag, it's known in English as being "short-sided." The Japanese don't have an exact translation for this phrase, and as far as Japan's Ryo Ishikawa is concerned, that's just fine. "When I hit iron shots to the green, I'm aiming for the safety space rather than a narrow space," says Ishikawa, 22, through a translator. "Because I do not take a risk, I get very calm and make a good swing." It's hard to argue with his results. Ishikawa ranked No. 1 on the PGA Tour last year in greens in regulation from 125 to 150 yards and ranks in the top 20 this season in greens hit from the fairway (at almost 80 percent). Here's how he does it.
Ron Kaspriske

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