6 Most Wanted Shots

How to bomb it, curve it, spin it & stop it

August 2014

Getting the golf ball to do your bidding is what separates the men from the boys (and the women from the girls). If you're ready to show your ball who's boss and learn some shots your buddies don't know, all you need is right here.

6 Most Wanted Shots


TrackMan testing proves that sweeping the ball with a level strike and curving it right to left will help you pick up yardage with your driver.
1. Play the ball even with your front foot.
2. Set the clubface at address so it's pointing slightly right of your target.
3. Align your body and feet so they're pointing even farther to the right.
4. Swing the club in the direction that your body is aimed.
EXPLANATION: The forward ball position will help you sweep it off the tee. And the clubface will be closed, even though it's pointing to the right of the target, because the path is farther to the right than the face is pointing. The face is closed to the path. That's how you hit a draw.
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