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June 2014

I'm only 27, but when it comes to golf, I'm an old 27. I've been playing this game a long time, and I've learned a lot of things that have helped me improve. Things about the swing, hitting shots, and how to play golf. And I'm still learning. A few months back, I rolled in a 75-foot eagle putt to win the HSBC Women's Champions in Singapore. What did I take from that? You can make the seemingly impossible, possible (not to mention there's no such thing as a putt that can't be made). Golf Digest has asked me to share some "wisdom" on how to play better. Please don't think that I'm being preachy here. I just want to see you enjoy the game—and life—as much as I do. And hey, you might just be my pro-am partner someday. I could use your help.


I'VE GOTTEN STRONGER in my core, hips and butt because I wanted to get a little longer. But I'm not going to change my entire game to try to be a power player. I've played from the fairway most of my life, so maintaining my accuracy is important to me.

THERE'S NOTHING WRONG with being 10 yards back and in the middle of the fairway. I'll take that.

I'M A FRONT WALKER, TOO. I get to the ball before anyone, even my caddie, Colin Cann. I like a fast pace. It means there's more time to prepare.

I'M ALWAYS READY when it's my turn to play. That means I'm thinking about my next shot while you're hitting yours.

DON'T EVER BE SURPRISED BY where the pin is when you reach your ball. Most courses have pin sheets. No sheet? Fine. Find out where it is before you tee off on the hole. It should be a huge factor in the shots you play.

MAKE YOUR PRACTICE SWINGS COUNT. I'm either matching up what I'm trying to do with my real swing or rehearsing a drill to help me make a better swing.


The Swing
"I'm steep on the ball. I compress it and flight it the same every time."

THE YEAR I WON FOUR TIMES on the LPGA Tour [2008], my distance control with my irons was really good. Even when you're off line, if you hit the ball the right distance, you've still got a good chance to score. Practice that.

MY IRON GAME IS A STRENGTH because I'm steep on the ball. I compress it and flight it the same every time. Don't do that with a driver, but when the ball is on the ground, feel the club moving down and through the hitting area. It's like striking a match.

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