3 Faults To Fix + 3 To Leave Alone

May 2014
Butch Harmon



Golfers who fight a slice tend to twist their bodies to the left before they start back. That open position abbreviates the backswing turn, which gives the upper body a head start on the downswing. When the shoulders rotate open too fast coming down, the club moves out and away from the body, and that sets up an out-to-in swing (see photo). Result: pulls and slices.

Here's a drill for fixing that. Tee up a ball, and take your normal setup with a driver. Then pull your right foot away from the target line about 12 inches so your stance line is aimed right of the target. Hit some balls, focusing on swinging your arms past your body through impact. The closed stance blocks your upper body from turning through, so the club drops onto an inside path to impact. Bye-bye, slice.
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