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Rory McIlroy: Play Great This Year

Drive it straighter. Hit it closer—Here's how

April 2014
Rory McIlroy

I'm a lot like you. When I'm driving it well, everything is good in my world. I've got shorter shots into the greens and better looks at birdie. I'm in attack mode. That's how I love to play golf, and that's my plan for this year.

Driving is definitely the foundation of my game. I've always been able to hit it pretty long, but after some ups and downs off the tee last year, I realized I need to rein in my misses. So I've made some tweaks to my swing, in the takeaway and starting down, and now I'm feeling great about the driver again. I've got to be able to get up and rip it without thinking too much.

When my driving is sharp, I'm hitting a lot of short-iron and wedge second shots. My coach, Michael Bannon, and I have come up with a system for controlling distances with the short clubs. Here I'll show you what I'm working on to get my driving and short approaches clicking at the same time.

If I can do that, I'll make a ton of birdies—and it'll be a killer year.

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