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Billy Fitzgerald

Billy Fitzgerald

Age: 34 | Lesson Rate: $135/hour
Facility: Olympia Fields (Ill.) Country Club
Smart Start: Coming out of the winter, don't fall in love with swing mechanics until your fundamentals (grip pressure, posture, alignment) check out OK. Feeling how the clubhead moves throughout the swing and relieving any tension, especially in the arms and shoulders, is a great way to get started.
Teaching Juniors: One bad habit I see in juniors is using the body too much. Some of them have so many moving parts, it can be hard to get the clubface on the ball. To take the body out of it, I have kids hit drivers off their knees. It's a fun way to learn how to swing the club, and it teaches what a good release feels like.

April 2014

The best way to add yards to your drives is to stretch out the distance between your right hand and left knee (for righties) as you swing back. At address, these body parts are very close together, about a foot apart, but by the time you get to the top, they should be as far apart as possible (right). To do this, feel as if you're reaching with your arms as your lower body holds steady. A good thought is picturing how a slingshot works: You want to stretch back with your right hand, with your left knee as the base. That's how to catapult your tee shots.

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