Manhattan Swinger: Morgan Hoffmann

March 2014

The pulse of New York City runs in Morgan Hoffmann's veins. Growing up in nearby Franklin Lakes, N.J., Hoffmann, 24, and his friends were a short train ride from dinners in the West Village and late-night electronica concerts in the meatpacking district. He now lives in Jupiter, Fla., alongside so many of his PGA Tour brethren, but he returns to SoHo at least 10 times a year for sessions with his trainer, Don Saladino of Drive495. So even when Hoffmann is surrounded by nothing but grass and trees, without a building in sight, he's seeing the streets and alleyways of his youth. The Big Apple has shaped who he is as a person and a competitor. He joined the tour full-time last year and has earned more than $1 million. On the following slides, he shares some hard-won knowledge that can help you perform better in a world where everyone is keeping score.—Max Adler

Manhattan Swinger: Morgan Hoffman

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If a fairway is really tight, I still want to hit driver. Even if the guys in my group are pulling 3-woods or hybrids out of their bags, it makes me happier to know I'm playing aggressively.

That's my nature, so psychologically, it doesn't make sense to fight it. But that doesn't mean I play stupid. When a fairway looks as narrow as this street alley, I choke down on my driver about an inch and set my feet slightly closer together.

This shortens the swing and can help improve accuracy. But because I'm staring down at my driver, my emotion before the shot is definitely not defensive. I'm going for it.

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