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Stripe your irons all day long

January 2014
Hunter Mahan
People always talk about the golf swing in segments—backswing, transition, downswing—but I don't look at it that way. I think of it as being one fluid motion. Sure, the backswing is slow and deliberate, and the downswing is fast and dynamic. But they should blend together smoothly. It's easier to do this with a driver, because you're not trying to hit the ball a specific distance or to a precise target. There's a flow to it. But when you get an iron in your hands, you find yourself making different swings for different situations and focusing on parts of the overall movement to try to create certain shots. That's when your swing can really get out of whack. If you want to hit your irons better, you've got to stay smooth from the moment you take the club back until the ball is gone. Practice hitting 100-yard shots with every iron in your bag. Making slower swings like this will help you build good rhythm and an awareness of how your body and club are moving. In the following photos I'll break down the swing—but remember, it's one continuous motion. Soon you'll be hitting your irons sweeter than ever.
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