Chip It Close... And Make The Putt

August 2013
Chipping Drill


Forget about golf for a second. If I handed you a stick and asked you to move a rock on the ground, would you wave your arm at it or hinge your wrist and give it a whack?

If you struggle with chipping, you've probably had so many people tell you to keep your wrists quiet that you're overcorrecting--to the point where you're shoving the handle with your arms instead of swinging the clubhead. It takes only a tiny flick of the wrist and a gentle body pivot toward the target to hit great chip shots.

Here's a drill: Hold a club upside down and practice gently tapping balls with the grip end using a flick of your wrist (left). Now flip the club over and chip a few--and don't be afraid to use a little wrist action with your pivot.

Putting Drill


Some players get mixed up when they hear that the putter should move on an arc. They either don't believe it's true or think they need to create the arc by steering the putter with their hands and arms. Any time you manhandle the putter instead of letting it swing--whether you're trying to go straight back and through or on an arc--you risk inconsistency.
To feel the natural arc of an on-plane stroke, turn your putter 90 degrees so the face is angled toward the ground and the toe is pointing at the back of the ball. Make a few free swings, then hit putts with the toe of the putter. The putterhead's weight will cause it to move on the correct arc. Copy that feel in your regular stroke.

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