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My Pre-Round Routines

LPGA players discuss the different ways they get ready to tee off

July 2013
Teeing the ball up on the first tee of a tournament and ripping driver down the middle is a pretty exciting moment, but have you done the work behind the scenes to prepare for your round? We're not even talking about the hours of practice you put in to get there, just the warm-up. We asked a group of LPGA players how they prepare for their tournament rounds. From dietary decisions, to hopping on a treadmill, to the order of shots to practice, their advice might help you develop your own routine before teeing off.
Stacy Lewis

Stacy Lewis' total warm-up takes one hour and 10 minutes. "I'll putt for 15 minutes and then I'll hit balls until 20 minutes before my tee time. Then I'll go chip for a little bit and go to the tee." If she has an afternoon tee time, she'll work out in the morning before the round. Morning tee times put her in the gym post-round.
Scott Halleran/Getty Images
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