What We Learned In 2012

Fifteen lessons from the game's highest level in 2012 that can help your game

December 2012

Golf Instruction Lessons of 2012: Rory McIlroy

Hit a draw for more distance

Rory McIlroy's hot stretch at the end of the season was due in large part to incredible driving that put him in position to be extremely aggressive with his approach shots. Are you ever going to be able to get off the tee like the World No. 1? Probably not, but that doesn't mean you still can't try to emulate him. A consistent, high draw is what allows McIlroy to routinely bomb it more than 300 yards, despite not being one of the bigger tour pros. A look at his swing next to that of Tiger Woods shows how McIlroy clears his hips fast on the downswing and swings his arms more out to the right to produce his right-to-left ball flight -- a way to maximize power if you are right-handed. Having a go-to ball flight will also give you confidence to hit the driver more often -- like Rory.
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