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Duf's Moves To Hit It Solid

These simple concepts will give you the consistency you've always wanted

October 2012
Jason Dufner

Just like you, when I tee it up, I try to clear my mind of swing mechanics as much as possible. But I've played in enough pro-ams to know that my amateur partners really have a tough time doing that. If that sounds like you, and you're struggling to consistently hit the ball solid, allow yourself just one swing thought when you play--and stick with it. I'm going to show you a few things I do in my swing that I think could help you. I'll also tell you about some actual swing thoughts I've used from time to time. Sometimes you need help getting into a better position during the swing, and sometimes you just need to give your swing a purpose. Confidence is king in golf. Try these moves, and I'll bet you start hitting it better.


At 35, Dufner has become one of the PGA Tour's elite players. In the last two seasons, he has won twice, finished second three times and by early August had 13 top 10s. Before that, he had only one runner-up and 10 top 10s since turning pro in 2000. What changed? The Cleveland native and Alabama resident credits more range work, swing changes made with Golf Digest Teaching Professional Chuck Cook and a serious spike in confidence.

Jason Dufner



I want my swing path to be inside the target line coming down, and then back inside the target line after impact. At times, I have more of an in-to-out path, and it's hard to find the fairway. To fix it, I think about swinging the grip left of the target, closer to my left hip, in the follow-through.
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