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Scoop-Proof Chipping

To steady your hands, point a finger down the shaft

Jason Carbone Chipping

Point And Chip: For solid contact, extend your index finger, then keep it pointed back through impact.

March 2012

Good, crisp contact on chip shots is something that leaves even accomplished players now and again. Here's a simple trick to reclaim the proper action, or even feel it for the first time.

Take a traditional putting grip with both thumbs pointed down the top of the handle. Then extend your right index finger down the grip--if you choke down, it's OK to have your fingertip resting on the metal of the shaft.

jason carbone
Then set up with your shoulders level, the ball just behind the center of your stance, and your hands just forward of your belt buckle. Notice the finger down the shaft points to your back foot.

From here, your only job is to keep that finger pointed back throughout the entire chipping motion (above). This will help you maintain the correct wrist angle through the ball. If that finger applies any pressure against the grip, it will flip forward and point at the green, and that's bad. It means you're scooping the ball.

This is a great way to practice chipping. And if you really like the feel, there's no reason you can't take it to the course.

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