Cover Story: Golf Instruction

Bubba Watson's Power Basics

November 2011

Driving the ball as far as possible used to be something players did only once or twice a round. The "kill swing" that gave those guys an extra 20 yards also cost some accuracy, so they picked their spots. That's changed. Because of better equipment, players today can swing all-out while still keeping the ball in play.

I have six keys that will help you make that "kill swing" your normal swing, with no radical adjustments. In fact, the only thing that will change is the longer walk to your ball. — Bubba Watson

Bio: 32, 6-feet-3, 180 pounds
Driver: Ping G20 (pictured G15), 7.5 degrees
Ball: Titleist Pro V1X
Driving distance (2nd): 314.1 yards
Percentage drives: 300-plus (2nd) 58.5%
Longest drive (2nd): 415 yards
Driving accuracy (143rd): 57.8%

Bubba Watson


By keeping the clubhead off the ground instead of soling it at address, your whole body stays activated as you get ready to start the backswing. I call it being "locked and loaded." Grounding the club can cause you to tense your body slightly and snatch the club away with your hands. Hovering keeps your tension level constant and helps you start the club back with good rhythm.
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