RANKING: 2011-2012

America's 50 Best Teachers

For the sixth time in seven Golf Digest rankings, the game's top instructors picked Butch Harmon as No. 1 among the 50 Best Teachers in America. We polled more than 1,500 teaching professionals, in every state, and in a year when the results for Nos. 2 to 50 were tightly packed, Harmon's peers chose him by the largest margin in the survey's history: 75 votes over second-ranked David Leadbetter. Jim McLean gained one spot to No. 3, followed by Mike Bender, up from No. 9, then Hank Haney. Chuck Cook, Martin Hall, Jim Hardy, Stan Utley and Jim Flick fill out golf instruction's most illustrious Top 10.
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November 2011
20. Craig Shankland (17)

20. Craig Shankland (17)

VOTES: 162
LESSON RATE: $200/hour
FACILITY: LPGA International
LOCATION: Daytona Beach, Fla.

21. Jimmy Ballard (25)

VOTES: 149
LESSON RATE: $300/hour
FACILITY/LOCATION: Ballard Swing Connection (Ocean Reef C.), Key Largo, Fla.

22. Craig Harmon (29)

VOTES: 147
LESSON RATE: $250/hour
FACILITY: Oak Hill C.C., Rochester, N.Y.

23. Michael Breed

VOTES: 146
LESSON RATE: $500/hour
FACILITY: Sunningdale C.C., Scarsdale, N.Y.

24. Rick Smith (11)

VOTES: 145 LESSON RATE: $500/hour
FACILITY: Rick Smith Golf Academy at Treetops Resort, Gaylord, Mich.

25. Jack Lumpkin (T-20)

VOTES: 141
LESSON RATE: $325/hour
FACILITY: Sea Island G.C., St. Simons Island, Ga.

25. Mac O'Grady (26)

VOTES: 141
LOCATION: Palm Springs

27. Mike Adams (31)

VOTES: 139 s
LESSON RATE: $250/hours
FACILITY: Hamilton Farm G.C., Gladstone, N.J.

28. Peter Kostis (22)

VOTES: 137 LESSON RATE: $500/hour
FACILITY: Grayhawk Learning Center (Grayhawk G.C.), Scottsdale

29. Mike Malaska (24)

VOTES: 136
LESSON RATE: $200/hour
FACILITY: Malaska Golf, Mesa, Ariz.

30. Rob Akins (28)

LESSON RATE: $200/hour
FACILITY: Rob Akins Golf Academy at Spring Creek Ranch, Collierville, Tenn.

30. Michael Hebron (27)

VOTES: 135
LESSON RATE: $145/hour
FACILITY: Smithtown Landing C.C., Smithtown Landing, N.Y.

32. Lynn Marriott (T-37)

VOTES: 133
LESSON RATE: $350/hour
FACILITY: Talking Stick G.C., Scottsdale

33. Brian Mogg

VOTES: 128
LESSON RATE: $185/hour
FACILITY: Mogg Performance Center at Waldorf Learning Academy, Orlando

34. Dave Phillips (T-35)

VOTES: 123
LESSON RATE: $300/hour
FACILITY: Titleist Performance Institute, Oceanside, Calif.

35. Sean Foley

VOTES: 119
LESSON RATE: $250/hour
FACILITY: Core Golf Junior Academy (Orange County National), Winter Garden, Fla.

36. Mike McGetrick (23)

VOTES: 114
LESSON RATE: $200/hour
FACILITY: Colorado G.C., Parker, Colo.

36. Phil Rodgers (T-37)

VOTES: 114
LESSON RATE: $300/hour
FACILITY: The Palms G.C., La Quinta, Calif.

38. Ben Doyle (34)

VOTES: 110
LESSON RATE: $100/hour
FACILITY: G.C. at Quail Lodge, Carmel, Calif.

39. Mike LaBauve (30)

VOTES: 106
LESSON RATE: $275/hour
FACILITY: Westin Kierland Resort & Spa, Scottsdale

40. Mike Shannon (45)

VOTES: 105
LESSON RATE: $250/hour
FACILITY: Sea Island G.C., St. Simons Island, Ga.

41. Todd Sones (T-40)

VOTES: 104
LESSON RATE:$200/45 minutes
FACILITY/LOCATION: Todd Sones Impact Golf School (White Deer Run G.C.)
Vernon Hills, Ill.

42. Peggy Kirk Bell (T-35)

FACILITY/LOCATION: Pine Needles Lodge & G.C., Southern Pines, N.C.

43. John Elliott Jr. (T-32)

LESSON RATE: $180/hour
FACILITY: Naked Golf Academy (Golden Ocala G. & Equestrian C., Ocala, Fla.

44. Darrell Kestner (T-48)

LESSON RATE: $500/90 minutes
FACILITY: Deepdale G.C., Manhassett, N.Y.

44. Kevin Weeks

LESSON RATE: $150/hour
FACILITY: Cog Hill G. & C.C., Lemont, Ill.

44. Suzy Whaley

LESSON RATE: $150/hour
FACILITY: TPC River Highlands, Cromwell, Conn.

47. Dana Rader (46)

LESSON RATE: $175/hour
FACILITY: Dana Rader Golf School, Charlotte

48. Dean Reinmuth (T-48)

LESSON RATE:$500/hour
FACILITY: Dean Reinmuth Golf School, San Diego

49. Gary Gilchrist

LESSON RATE: $500/hour
FACILITY: Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy (Mission Inn Resort & C.)
Howey-in-the-Hills, Fla.

49. Laird Small (T-32)

LESSON RATE: $250/hour
FACILITY: Pebble Beach Golf Academy, Pebble Beach
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