Our 10 Best Golf Tips For Kids

Are your kids thinking of taking up the game? Use this collection of advice to help get them started the right way

October 2011
Our Best Golf Tips For Kids

Let Them Call The Shots

We all want our children to learn the game the right way. As golfers, we also have firm notions as to what the "right" way is and tend to teach by rote, as if we were in school. For a young child, this is not the way to go. Learning the correct grip may be fundamental, but to a fertile, inquisitive mind, the grip can be drudgery. The kid just wants to have fun. Let them explore the game on their own at the outset. Follow them around and explain the things they're curious about. The rule of thumb is this: You are there to do what they want to do, not what you want them to do. -- John Elliott Jr., March, 2005

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Trevor Brown

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