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Take It Deep

Max out your power and still find the fairway

January 2011
Ryan Moore

I'm not really a stats guy, but I do know that I've ranked in the top 12 in total driving on tour (a combination of distance and accuracy) each of the last three years. I'm proud of that. What's my secret? Keeping it simple. Some guys say they have a driver swing and an iron swing, but for me, it's the same principles through the bag. That's what makes me comfortable on the tee: I just try to repeat the same things every time. Here's my four-step plan for taking it deep without sacrificing accuracy.

You might know the 28-year-old from Tacoma, Wash., by his flashy outfits--he has been known to play in a necktie. Or for his great amateur career: In 2004, he won the U.S. Amateur, U.S. Public Links, Western Amateur and NCAA Championship. But Moore, who won the 2009 Wyndham Championship and had six top 10s in 2010, is one of the tour's best drivers. He ranked seventh in total driving this past year, averaging 290 yards and hitting 68 percent of fairways.

Ryan Moore


I can't think of many sports where you make an athletic move with your feet close together. That's why I like a nice, wide base. It keeps me balanced, which is a huge factor in driving. You can shift your weight and turn without losing your footing. One more thing: I hear people say to keep your grip light. My feeling is, you should keep your arms relaxed but still have a little tension in your hands. That allows you to feel athletic and powerful.
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