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Jack's Timeless Workout

Fitness advocate Jack LaLanne

We were sad to learn of Jack LaLanne's passing on Jan. 23 at age 96. We thought he'd live forever. Back in 1974, Jack was gracious enough to write a fitness article for Golf Digest and pose for photos performing the exercises he prescribed for better golf. We asked Golf Digest fitness advisor Ralph Simpson, a physical therapist and athletic trainer who has worked with many professional golfers over the years, if the workout LaLanne demonstrated would still be considered great for golf. Bottom line: on whole, they're still surprisingly good. Here's a sampling of exercises from the LaLanne article and what Ralph had to say about each one.
-- Ron Kaspriske, fitness editor, Golf Digest
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1. Ab builder

1. Ab builder

For golfers who don't have lower-back pain, this is a very good way to strengthen the rectus abdominus (your six pack). This is an essential core muscle that supports your spine and helps produce the proper pelvic motion required when your golf swing reaches impact. Notice how Jack's lower back is not arched. That's important to avoid back injuries.
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