What We Learned In 2010

Golf Digest instruction editors list the 10 lessons from 2010 that can work for you

December 27, 2010
What can the recreational golfer learn from Phil Mickelson's improbable 6-iron from behind a tree at the Masters? Or Hunter Mahan's flubbed chip on the final hole of the Ryder Cup? More than you think, actually. From golf's biggest moments in 2010, we take away the most important lessons you can apply to your own game.

Jim Furyk

Forget the backswing

Sure, Jim Fuyrk's takeaway might be the ugliest in professional golf, but did you see what that loop did in 2010? It helped Mr. Furyk grab nearly $15 million in tournament winnings, the FedEx Cup and Player of the Year honors on the PGA Tour. Just goes to show that what your club is doing on the takeaway isn't nearly as important as what it is doing at impact.
Stuart Franklin/Getty Images
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