September 2009
The popular abdominal exercise known as the "crunch" is actually bad for you because it puts a tremendous strain on the spine and promotes the hunched-back posture. Here are some safe, ab-strengthening exercises from golf's top's fitness experts.
Ab strengthening exercises: Reverse crunch

Strengthen Your Tower To Improve Your Swing, Dec. '08; Photo by Joey Terrill


Weak abs can limit your ability to keep your spine straight at address. To strengthen, lie supine with knees bent, holding a club over your head. Without moving the club, try to bring your feet up and under the club. This will force a posterior tilt of the pelvis and work the abdominals. Do two sets of 10 reps.
Breaking 100-90-80: Strengthen Your Tower
ABOUT THE AUTHORS: Co-founders of the Titleist Performance Institute in Oceanside, Calif., Dave Phillips, a PGA professional, and Greg Rose, a golf fitness specialist, host the "Golf Fitness Academy" on the Golf Channel. They have created a comprehensive, free golf and fitness website, mytpi.com
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