September 2009
The popular abdominal exercise known as the "crunch" is actually bad for you because it puts a tremendous strain on the spine and promotes the hunched-back posture. Here are some safe, ab-strengthening exercises from golf's top's fitness experts.
Ab strengthening exercises: Pillar bridge

The Ultimate Golf Workout, Golf Digest May '06

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Lie on your stomach, feet apart (farther apart is easier) and push up with your elbows, supporting your weight on your forearms (keep abs tight). Extend one arm for two seconds, then the other. Strengthens shoulders, abs, trunk.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Mark Verstegen is founder of Athletes' Performance and author of Core Performance Golf. He has worked with Phil Mickelson, Natalie Gulbis and other tour players and has consulted with instructor David Leadbetter.
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