4. The Problem: Flat Shoulder Plane

Do two sets of each exercise (eight reps); repeat in the opposite direction if movement is to one side.

November 2007

If you have issues with your latisimus back muscles and your shoulders are tight (the supine lat test), then you will have a tendency to lose your posture during the backswing and make a poor turn with your shoulders. The club will be off plane, and the loss of posture will make it difficult to produce solid contact.

The Fix

Lat Stretch

Simulate a backswing by planting a pole overhanded with your left arm and underhanded with your right. Hold this position for 15 seconds, pulling toward your torso with your left arm and pushing away with your right.

Supine Arm Reaches

Anchor the tubing around your feet and extend the other end behind your head. Push over your head, holding for 15 seconds.

Reach, Roll and Lift

From a crouching position with your head resting on the fist of one hand, slide your other arm along the ground as far as you can and then lift it as you roll your palm toward the sky. Hold this position for 15 seconds, then switch arms.

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