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What's In My Bag: Yani Tseng

Age: 22 | Resides: Lake Nona, Fla. | Story: The youngest player to win five majors. Has earned more than $6 million in prize money.

October 2011
What's In My Bag: Yani Tseng
I don't practice on launch monitors. I don't really understand them, and I don't care about my numbers and specs. If a club feels good, it's all good.

I started playing golf when I was 5, and for the first year or so, my coach, Tony Kao, told me to just swing as hard as I could with the driver. So I hit it hard, and the ball went high, low, left, right—everywhere. For a kid, that was so much fun. It helped me learn to create speed, and it made me great at trouble shots, because I had to play the ball wherever it ended up.
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