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What's In My Bag: Ben Crane

Age: 34 | Resides: Westlake, Texas
Story: His victory at the 2010 Farmers Insurance Open ended four seasons without a win.

November 2010
What's In My Bag: Ben Crane


This year was different because I didn't set goals. My only thought has been to execute each shot with the same attention, day in and day out. At San Diego, I didn't even know I'd won until Ryuji Imada congratulated me, because I'd made it a point not to look at the leader board during the round. A lot of guys feel pressure to follow a win by playing well, but not me. I'll just keep walking the middle road.
I work constantly on starting the ball on my intended line. I know that sounds simple, but it's a fundamental that takes a lot of maintenance. Once I feel out the read, I pick the highest spot of break and then start the ball at it.
I'd be a teacher. I love kids, and I'd probably help out with junior golf, too. My wife, Heather, and I would also be more active in our church.
The one I'm playing this week.
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