What's In My Bag: Jason Day

What's In My Bag: Jason Day

October 2010
What's In My Bag: Jason Day


AGE: 22 | LIVES: Fort Worth | BORN: Beaudesert, Australia | STORY: Earned first PGA Tour victory in May: HP Byron Nelson Championship.

I dedicated myself to becoming a better golfer during high school after I read a book about Tiger Woods. Each morning I'd get up at 5 and practice until breakfast, then I'd take a half-hour break and go back out and practice until heading to school. I'd get home at 1 o'clock and eat lunch and then practice until 6:30. I practiced 32½ hours a week for three straight years. I was pretty obsessive about it.


I've got two pitching wedges and two techniques that I use. If I have 130 yards and want to hit a low shot, I'll hit my normal 46½-degree pitching wedge and try to arm it in there. The ball will come in lower and will roll forward.

I'll use that lower shot if the pin is in the back so I can bounce it in there. If the pin is in the front, I'll hit a three-quarter, 48-degree pitching wedge that will come in higher and spin back.

What's In My Bag: Jason Day


I was born in 1987, but lately I've been listening to a lot of late '70s, early '80s music, like REO Speedwagon, Queen and Journey. But that's as far back as I go. I won't be listening to disco any time soon.


I use the TaylorMade Penta TP, with a kangaroo and the number 87. In cricket in Australia, 87 is hated because our batsmen always seem to get dismissed on that number.

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