What's In My Bag: Ricky Barnes

What's In My Bag: Ricky Barnes

August 2010
What's In My Bag: Ricky Barnes


Age: 29 | Lives: Phoenix | Story: Earned his tour card after T-2 at 2009 U.S. Open; three top-10s so far in 2010, including a T-10 at Masters; won 2002 U.S. Amateur.

I'd say the U.S. Open last year helped me a lot. If anything, I was lucky. I really had only one good week last year and wound up finishing 120th on the money list. Out here on the PGA Tour you really are one week away from being a millionaire. I'm a lot more consistent this year, as opposed to having ups and downs.


I'm not a guy you'll see that often in the equipment trailer. If it ain't broke, I'm not looking to fix it. I've probably been in the trailer only twice this year: Once was to pick up balls, and once was to regrip something.


During weeks off, I can't sit still. I'll come home, and people will ask me, "Don't you just want to veg out?" Nope. I'm up the next morning by 7:30, and I'm a gym rat. A day off to me is going to the gym for two hours and then going to watch a movie.
What's In My Bag: Ricky Barnes


The only two hats I had at Bethpage last year were painter's hats. They fit well, they're comfortable and they're different. All my buddies want them. I don't think Wilson can make them fast enough.
What's In My Bag: Ricky Barnes


We're out in the sun way too much to pass on sunscreen. Sun exposure is probably the biggest thing in our sport that I'm not a fan of: Our skin gets so beat up.
What's In My Bag: Ricky Barnes


I switched to the Callaway Tour i(s) this year. I mark it with one red dot on the Callaway chevron. I start with 1s and just go through the box each week.
What's In My Bag: Ricky Barnes


I use only San Diego Chargers logo tees. One of my best friends is the daughter of the Chargers owner, so I'm fortunate to get to go to a few games a year.
What's In My Bag: Ricky Barnes


Larry Bird is my idol. He anticipated everyone else's first step and got to the ball quicker than everyone. He's probably the only guy I'd be mesmerized by if I met him.

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