What's In My Bag: Ryo Ishikawa

What's In My Bag: Ryo Ishikawa

May 2010
What's In My Bag: Ryo Ishikawa


Age: 18 | Lives: Tokyo | Story: With four wins, Ishikawa led the money list on the Japan Golf Tour in 2009. He's the youngest ever to achieve that feat.

Three weeks after turning pro, I made $2,420 for finishing 10th at the 2008 Pearl Open in Hawaii. I spent $300 on a new wallet (which I still use) and gave the rest to my dad. My parents save my earnings in a bank account for the future.


The conduct of the fans in Japan has become an issue. Golf as a spectator sport is new to a lot of them, and sometimes they don't know how to act. The Japanese tour needs to speak up more.


I played against Tiger Woods at the Presidents Cup in San Francisco. It was windy, and what amazed me was how he always chose the best shot option with his irons. I've watched Tiger my whole life. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't have the game I have today.


Beginning at last year's PGA Championship in August, I competed 17 straight weeks.
What's In My Bag: Ryo Ishikawa


I carry divot mix in this green container that clips to my bag. The cloth is an eco-friendly material. Just trying to do my part to take care of the course and the earth, you know what I'm saying?
What's In My Bag: Ryo Ishikawa


My driver headcover looks like me. In final rounds on Sundays, I've started wearing the same outfit for good luck: red pants, white shirt and a red visor.

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