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What's In My Bag: Y.E. Yang

What's In My Bag: Y.E. Yang

What's In My Bag: Y.E. Yang

January 2010


Since winning the PGA at Hazeltine, I have a lot more interviews. And a lot more cash in my bank account, which my family loves. I've never had this kind of reception from American fans before. Now they recognize me and want autographs.


Lifting my bag over my head after I won was totally spontaneous -- I'd never done that before. It was before I hugged my wife. I was walking to the scorer's tent and suddenly felt so thankful and just wanted to have that little moment with my clubs. They made me what I am today. And yes, I was a bodybuilder for two years.


I bring duplicate wedges to each tournament and write "P" on one set. I use those during practice so I don't wear out the grooves on the other ones.


If I weren't playing golf for a living, I'd take over for my father and be a vegetable farmer.


I bought a house near Dallas, and now my favorite food is barbecued spare ribs. I like trying the different sauces. Add a cold Budweiser, and it's the perfect meal. Only thing is, you need lots of napkins.


I started endorsing a new line of grips called NO1-Grip. The sticky feel lasts a long time, and I use different colors for different clubs.
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