What's In My Bag? Lucas Glover

What's In My Bag? Lucas Glover

Oktober 2009
People Know Me Now

Appearing on David Letterman was fun, but the coolest thing since winning the U.S. Open is how fans pull for you more. Getting applause every time I walk up to a green. That's different.

Oktober 2009
Why Golf?

My grandfather got me started in the game. In high school I played football. I was a short, dumpy kid, and so they put me on the line. I didn't like being on the bottom of the pile.

Donnie Baseball

Don Mattingly called to tell me congratulations. He was my favorite player growing up, the reason I like the Yankees. I guess someone passed that along to him. I've still got his message saved on my voice mail.


Wednesday at the Travelers Championship pro-am, the first time I was ever announced as a U.S. Open champion on the first tee, my buddy Johnson Wagner got me good with a pie to my face. I'm not sure if I'm going to retaliate. Maybe I'll let him squirm.

Nuun For Me

I'll drop one of these Nuun hydration tablets into a bottle of water. You basically get the electrolytes of a sports drink without the sugar or artificial colors.


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