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What's In My Bag? Kenny Perry

September 2008
AGE: 48 / LIVES: Franklin, K.Y. / STORY: Seven wins since 2003 are most next to Tiger Woods, Vijay Singh and Phil Mickelson
I'm a Kentucky guy, and my goal all year has been to make the Ryder Cup team and play in front of my home-state fans at Valhalla in Louisville. I even planned my schedule around it. It certainly worked out, but it meant I didn't play a couple of majors. I had promised people I'd play in their events, like at Milwaukee during the British Open. It wouldn't look good to be committed and then stone them to go play in the British. I'm going to stand by my word.
September 2008
The nearest course in my hometown of Franklin, Ky., used to be 30 miles away, so I decided to build one for the common man. It's called Country Creek, and it's very playable. We don't have much trouble on the right side of the fairway for slicers. Sometimes I operate the cash register; sometimes I just go out and play. I have the course record: 60. Shot it a couple of times. Just can't make that putt for 59.
I'm not interested in working in a golf shop, though. Never was. I'm a player. I've played my whole life, always competed in tournaments. I was hoping to be out here at this point. I mean I'm not arrogant enough to say, 'Yeah, I thought I'd be out here still.' But I was hoping to be.
I don't hit it as well as I did when I was younger, but I think a lot better. Confidence makes a big difference, and I've never been afraid of winning.
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